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New Product! Modern Compressor Mastering Chain

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We’re finally approaching a new section of our gear rollout in our journey to Mix: Analog 3.0! The Modern Compressor Mastering chain is a new product that focuses on giving you guys meaningful gear combinations under one product so that you can do complete processing in one pass. FREE for 2 weeks!

Looking forward, we’re also going to be creating awesome vocal chains of analog gear that does the entire vocal processing for you, mastering chains, and more. The Bettermaker gear is also coming out very soon, and it’s going to a complete system for mastering.

Modern Compressor Mastering Chain

Modern Compressor Chain

This Modern Compressor Mastering Chain contains 3 different compressors; the Gyraf g24, the Elysia xpressor, and the Tierra gravity bus compressor. The chain can be used as a compressor shootout for individualized comparisons on a master or mixing material, or it can be used as a complete system to take your mastering to the next level.

Elysia xpressor:

The xpressor is, as it befits Elysia, a step forward from the average. Apart from the standard "threshold - attack - release - ratio - make-up gain" set of controls, it offers a few more knobs to tweak that you don't find on just any compressor.

The Sidechain filter ensures you get to choose how much low-end energy triggers the compressor. At the same time, the Gain reduction limit enables you to avoid any nasty surprises and allows you to explore more unconventional compression curves. The parallel compression functionality is built-in and controls like Auto fast, and Log Release allows you to find just the right timing character for your material.

Last but not least, the Warm mode transforms the xpressor from a modern, fast and clear device into something from the "golden age of audio recording" a few decades ago. In Warm mode, the xpressor effortlessly takes an annoying edge off of a harsh track and "glues" it together like some of the all-time classics that we've all come to love.

Tierra Gravity

It's quite reminiscent of the SSL Bus Compressor, which is well known in the audio industry. Still, this specific unit combines a modern, open sound signature with all of the best attributes of the original, which allow for a fresh, unique take on a classic.

The Gravity VCA Buss Compressor is the first model in the new TAKE 2 range of TIERRA Audio. It has 100% analog electronics, and its versatility, precision, and dynamic control make it suitable for all kinds of situations, including mixing and mastering.

This revamped version of the Gravity VCA provides more punch and presence in stereo microphone sets. Its cleanliness and clarity go well beyond its imposing dynamic range (SNR) and low harmonic distortion (THD).

These features make it a particularly suitable compressor for the MIX BUSS, excelling in bass treatment and the consolidation of voices within the mix. Gravity VCA's components are comprised of the highest quality manufacturing materials, such as WIMA, Nichicon, KEMET, and Panasonic. Each device contains original Carnhill and Triad Magnetics transformers and a custom-made SIFAM high-speed VU meter. The input and output connectors are Neutrik's gold-plated.

Gyraf G24

The G24 is an optical stereo compressor – aimed at mix and mastering functions. It’s for those situations where you want to add some additional tone, sweetening, and you also want to control the dynamics of the track without messing up the overall definition.

With its fully passive signal path, it sounds clean and very expensive at the same time. The G24 contains two separate side-chains that you can use individually or blend in a unique twist. In essence, with the G24, it feels like you are using two distinct compressors in one box.

Combined Analog Magic!

Modern Compressor Mastering Chain GUI

When we combined all 3 compressors together, it created something, unlike anything we’ve ever heard. The nuance it added, was musical. The stereo spaciousness was refreshing. The presence was forward.

We’ve created presets for you to try, one for tone and subtle control(guaranteed to make any master instantly better), and a shootout preset where you can test out each of the units on their own by bypassing the ones you don't want active.

I think this might be something you didn't know you’ve been waiting for. Give it a try at the link below

Check it out!

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