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Neve 1084 Line Amp Product Release + Updates on 1176 Stereo Rev A + More!

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Ah yes, the Neve 1084.

That hallowed saturation goodness and forward presence push immediately come to mind. This has been a pretty exciting week so far at mix: analog.

We decided to put our heads together and figure out how to give you that authentic neve sound at your fingertips for anything you want to throw at it.

So what did we do? We decided to rebuild some neve 1084’s with the parts from the original vintage units, ensure they’re stereo matched, and bring you an authentic neve sound with units that can be used as a pass-through unit on every track you’d like for that special neve saturation.

Want more neve distortion? Just drive it harder with the “send to hardware” knob on the distopik monitor controller and adjust your final output to match.

1084 History

While the neve 1073 and 1084 sound is found on most of the records charting today, the units have a fascinating history.

“Neve’s consoles dominated the high-end recording studio scene of the 1970s with iconic boards like the 1073-equipped 8028 (a 1973 build of which was reverentially featured in the Dave Grohl documentary Sound City and currently resides in Grohl’s personal studio) and the 8048, introduced in 1974.

The 1073 channel amplifier, the 1081, and the 1084, with its acclaimed mic/line preamp, remain a hot commodity in one form or another to this day. Neve manufactures several versions — from the popular 500 Series format to a drop-in module for vintage Neve consoles. According to Rupert Neve, the secret to the coveted sound was its use of transformers. “What we did with the transformers,” he recollects, “was to build them out like filters to the maximum that we could squeeze out in terms of high-frequency response and then make sure they rolled off smoothly — with no peaking or things of that sort.”

It’s free for 3 weeks, and after that, we’re bringing it in at a low price of 60 MAT per 15 minutes.

Book your session here! https://mixanalog.com/products/n1084

1176 Update - Free Tier

We’ve updated our 1176 units to stereo and offer 3 different revisions.

Rev A, the original blue stripe, Rev D, the version found in today's units, and Rev G, a very clear, transparent version that focuses on pushing clarity.

In terms of the free tier, we’re now offering the blue stripe stereo for free, which is an update from the blue stripe mono.

Also, the stereo image has been re-calibrated to be even tighter!

Give it a whirl on your drum busses in all its stereo glory here!


Kontakt Bass Virtual Instrument

We’ve just built our first virtual instrument in Kontakt, recorded at our dear friends at cosmosonics studios. Using the wonderful Fender precision 67 with the Ampeg SVT pro2 bass amp, we were able to re-create a lovely bass sound! When this is released soon, we’ll be offering it for free to our mix: analog family!

This is the first of MANY virtual instruments we will be adding to our production resource center at launch. Feel free to email us with any ideas of virtual instruments you’d like to see at austin@distopik.com.

Until next time! Take it easy!

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