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The Bettermaker Bus Compressor. It’s Here, and it’s Beautiful.

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Of all of our compressors, it’s hard to say which one is my favorite. However, if you had to ask me what I find to be everything you’d need in a compressor, I would definitively tell you that the Bettermaker Bus Compressor holds a pretty special place in my heart.

“Good only sounds Great if you haven't heard Better.”

They don’t often make build quality as Bettermaker does, that’s for sure.

Bettermaker designed a product with two things in mind. Compress, Saturate, and do it really, really, well.

It’s super simple to use, features 100% analog signal path and THD (total harmonic distortion) saturation, and gets the job done without a fuss!

Offering a Dry/Wet mix, sidechain with HPF (high pass filter), silky smooth adjustable THD saturation, and a plethora of ratios that give you a wide range of possible applications.

It’s also TEC nominated, which assures you that it’s nothing short of the best quality.


I’ve been playing around with the bettermaker in various different applications, some, include mastering. The most noticeable difference I get from using it is the tight, snappy transient response, and the combination of silky, weighty distortion that gives the track I’m mastering the extra forward push it needs to come across strongly on smaller speakers.

I designed an awesome recall preset to get you started when approaching it from a mastering perspective. This would be my starting point, and then I’d adjust things gently according to the genre I’m mastering. I’d suggest also playing around with the dry/wet knob to take the bus processing possibilities to new heights.

Simon approached it more as a mix tool and found that he could get some amazing drum crush out of it, parallel processing, and even tight vocal compression that really grabs on to the peaks of a dynamic vocal, bringing it back under control.

The recall presets he designed range from strong and crushing, to gentle and subtle.
Without a doubt, there’s something for everyone there.

Some of our Testimonials from our testers:

"I was looking for a simple compressor to use on vocals and instruments. I tried many compressors, but none of them could do what I want. I was about to give up, then I found the Bettermaker Bus Compressor. It has everything I want. It's simple, easy to use, and sounds great. I highly recommend it."

-Dasin Rasheed

“This is a MUST HAVE compression tool! Whether it's a way to squeeze a snare a little more, a vocal a little fuller, or a full track a little busier...THIS IS IT!!! And don't get me started on how well it does when mastering, it's my new go-to. I'm a huge SSL fan, but I'm going to have to make room in my workflow because the 'Bettermaker Bus Compressor' does everything I need, and then some!!! AMAZING!!!"

- Austin Summers

Sound Examples

Simon managed to get together some awesome sound samples for you guys.

Before, and after, normalized to get you a great point of reference.

Soundcloud Link to Playlist - Click Here


We’re starting off the pricing for this fantastic bus compressor at a massive 50% discount for 3 weeks! Only 45 MAT per 15 minutes, and once the 3 weeks are up, it’s going back to 90 MAT.

Later, when the bettermaker mastering bundle is launched, we’re also going to be offering a discount for the combination.

Grab this special before it runs out!


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