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New Payment Options, Local VAT and more

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If you ever setup an online business, you quickly find out that payment can be tricky. You have to take various legal things into account. What country you are doing business from, but also what country the purchase is coming from. Is the customer a company or not? Are they VAT registered? What if they want to change information after the purchase?

sad mixanalog support on payment bugs
mix:analog support faced with payment bugs and issues | Photographer: Asdrubal luna | Source: Unsplash

We have struggled with this a lot at mix:analog, as I am sure some of you have noticed. Sometimes the invoice did not exactly match your Paypal receipt. Or maybe you wanted to wire us money and we could not accommodate you easily. Maybe you forgot to input your VAT number and we had to make you a new invoice, or maybe Paypal does not work in your country or you just do not trust them that much...

We are very happy to introduce a new checkout system powered by Paddle, available for all users who want to take the new experience for a spin. Paddle are a company of genius developers who seem to be in love with software for accounting, currency conversion, fraud detection and all the other financial twiddly bits.

paddle software team do payment management software
The Paddle team with their mascot. It's hard to imagine this jubilant crowd is in love with payment software, but hey... we don't judge

New Payment Options

You can now purchase mix:analog tokens (MAT) for use in mix:analog with PayPal, all major Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Wire Transfers (ACH/SEPA/BACS), and Purchase Orders. To start with the payment process, click "add" next to your token count in the upper right corner, or "Buy More Tokens" from the Profile tab, both accessible from the booking app.

mix:analog tokens purchase screen
Some of the MAT packs available - to start the purchase, simply click "Buy Now" on this screen


How do you feel about discounts? I thought so! In order to celebrate this upgrade in our ability to serve our faithful customers, we created a coupon code just for you.


Just paste the above code into the MAT purchase dialog before March 27th 2019 and you will get a further 20% discount on MAT pack purchases!

More Currencies to Purchase MAT

Mix:analog tokens used to be only available in Euros (€ currency). We fully recognise that the music industry is many more people than just us from the EU, so we would like to announce that it is now also possible to buy the mix:analog tokens in US dollars, with many more currencies (such as the Yen, Won, Rial and more) coming on the platform very soon.

Payment in these currencies will not incur any extra conversion charges.

person holding gold-colored ching coins
Yuans will be accepted too - so pretty | Photographer: Sharon McCutcheon | Source: Unsplash

Local VAT

In many countries, the law requires online businesses to pay a tax on the sale of goods. Of course we want to be on the right side of the law, so rest assured now that the VAT and other taxes are correctly handled by the awesome software from Paddle.

We have chosen to change our pricing from "taxes on top" to "taxes included". So it does not matter from what country you are hailing, the price of MAT is the same. You will not be punished just because your country wants more money from us.

All you need to do is to truthfully select which country you are located in when checking out and input your VAT number if you are VAT registered.

pay your taxes
Uncle Sam has a good point here

Email Invoices

We are a bit more grown up now as a company, so you will receive a nicely formatted invoice after completing your purchase of MAT. In the email you will also find a link to correct the info you put in while purchasing if you spot any errors. If you are a company, feel free to use these invoices in your accounting as usual.


Finally, we recently announced that mix:analog will add subscriptions to our platform, so you can get even better deals on MAT purchases. See below for our current ideas about how the subscriptions work. You get a certain number of MAT per month (accumulating even if you don't spend them) and the price per MAT is even lower than on the packs.

Our current thoughts about the subscription types, prices and perks

In addition to MAT, the plans are bringing a few perks. The free plan will be limited to 1GB of fast SSD cloud storage, while all the paid plans will include progressively more disk space for your files and more time on FREE gear per day.

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