Reunion with sound tech startups in Sound Hub Denmark

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After one year we returned for a short visit to Sound Hub Denmark - the new sound technology and innovation accelerator that accepted us in their first cohort of sound tech startups.

Reunion party

We were really happy to meet our colleagues from the first batch again and talk to the wonderful runners of the place, Rie and Peter. But that's not all. We were surprised, actually not just surprised but shocked how much they improved the facilities and how many different workshops and testing rooms they now offer.

Let me take you around the place with this picturesque blog.

Tuning speakers in listening room
Mapuguaquen tuning their speakers in a Listening Room

Coworking space

First, let's stop at the two coworking rooms. They are filled with enthusiasts working on different types of speakers, headphones, music players, studio and live equipment, music educational software, Mixanalog...

As you can see, there's still lots of place for upcoming startups, companies and individuals. Rie and Peter will be happy to hear from you if you have an idea that could grow into a product in such environment. We can tell you, it's worth it. You might even meet us here. ;)


Woodworking and assembly
Woodworking and assembly

Let's move to the workshops. There is a wood-working room and assembly room, a room with 3d printer and an electronics room with tons of instruments. All of that is available to everyone at Soud Hub and there's enough space for multiple people to work at once, help each other and share their experience.

Assembly room
From heavy machinery to electronics equipment

Testing labs

Moving one floor lower, there's a dozen of different test rooms scattered all around the basement of the building. The biggest one is a 12x12x12 m Speaker Measuring Chamber. There you can measure amplitude, phase, radiation, power response and sound pressure levels of speakers in 360°.

Speaker measuring chamber
Rie and Peter in the Speaker Measuring Chamber

Next there is the Quiet Room with a very low noise floor for acoustical measurements, the Reverberation Chamber for testing absorption panels, 2 standardized listening rooms, and a number of different stress labs for testing the robustness. You can perform everything from UV and sun aging tests in climate chambers to a vibration, drop, bump and transport tests to ensure the best possible product.

Avatronics test setup in the Quiet Room

Work hard, play hard

Of course, this is a coworking startup place! This means that it needs to take care of everything. There's a coffee machine and a kitchenette, a table tennis and football, a library, a resting room, many other nooks and crannies and a huge presentation space which can be used as a cinema during the nights.

Last but not least, SoundHub is located right next to the sea. Gentle breeze of the summer wind and playful splashing of the waves create a relaxing atmosphere to rest your mind after day of creativity and innovation.

Peaceful view just few meters from Sound Hub

Are you asking how all these Sound Hub facilities helped Mixanalog? Well, one part is equipment and space, but the other important one is people that surround you. Working in a tough music business becomes easier when you have a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or a friend to drink a beer with that comes from the same industry and understands the struggles you are facing. Believe me, this crowd here is as helpful and as friendly as you can imagine. :)

Oh, I shouldn't forget about the thing that you - our Mixanalog users might be most interested in. We will have to come back again to check the progress on the recording / mixing / mastering studio they are building. The room is huge and we can't wait to hear and see how it will transform. We will make sure to leave a bit of Mixanalog in there as well. ;)

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