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New Gear Release! Tierra Gravity Buss Compressor! + Production Resource Centre Plans

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GEAR + Updates – 3 min read

Available as we speak, we’ve just launched the new Tierra Gravity buss compressor. It’s designed to closely follow the legendary SSL Bus Compressor found in the iconic SSL consoles and includes a modern sound signature, perfect for gluing your music together.

Tierra Gravity Buss Compressor

The Gravity VCA Buss Compressor is the first model in the new TAKE 2 range of TIERRA Audio. It has 100% analog electronics, and its versatility, precision, and dynamic control make it suitable for all kinds of situations, including mixing and mastering.

This revamped version of the Gravity VCA provides more punch and presence in stereo microphone sets. Its cleanliness and clarity go well beyond its imposing dynamic range (SNR) and its low harmonic distortion (THD).

These features make it a particularly suitable compressor for the MIX BUSS, excelling in bass treatment and the consolidation of voices within the mix. Gravity VCA’s components are comprised of the highest quality manufacturing materials, such as WIMA®, Nichicon®, KEMET®, and Panasonic®. Each device contains original Carnhill® and Triad Magnetics® transformers and a custom-made SIFAM® high-speed VU meter. The input and output connectors are Neutrik® ’s gold-plated.

Future Tierra Plans

Regarding the future, we have exciting prospects to deliver in partnership with Tierra Audio, and we hope to implement more of their incredible gear.

Ranging from their Icicle Mono EQ to their high-end preamps and their Boreal FET Compressor, they’ve got quite a lot to offer.

Mix Analog just got a whole lot easier to use

In the next month, we’re going to be adding a vital addition to mix: analog that’s going to significantly speed up your workflow and get you better results faster!

We’re in the process of contacting two extremely talented mixing and mastering engineers, Matej from Cosmosonics, and Fernando, who has worked under Michael Brauer, to design some custom presets for all of our gear.

So soon, you’ll be able to shape your sound faster and have a great starting point.

Production Resource Center!

We’re in the process of building a VERY exciting new section of mix analog, hopefully, to begin rolling out in the next month.

Tired of going through sample websites, wondering why it’s so hard to find the stuff you’re looking for? Wondering why everything’s become oversaturated and the very thought of Quality over Quantity has left the building?

Us too.

So we decided to embark on a quest to chat to the community and hear their biggest frustrations with the production resource websites they currently use.

So far, they've told us that they’d love to have access to quality, commercially usable samples that JUST WORK, instead of having to spend hours trying to find the perfect kick drum. We’re hard at work, cultivating a fully encompassing production resource center, to start giving our community the right tools to make incredible chart-topping music easier.

As Mix: Analog members, you’ll have exclusive access to this division, and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey by helping us give you the tools you want.

Click this Link to send me an email, with any desires on what you’d like to see in our production resources, what genres, and what types of samples/presets/midi/educational material you as a community want the most.

We’re focusing on quality, and meeting the highest possible standard, to help you have the edge over everyone else. Need guitar loops? We can make them. Want world-class, plug-and-play sound presets? We’ve got you covered.

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