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New Mixanalog office in Kyuriosity Hub

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Let’s take a short break from magnetophones, EQs and compressors and have a look at the surroundings of our analog rack. Follow me around the office floor!

Panorama view from Mixanalog floor
Panorama view from our floor

Our new office space is in Kyuriosity Hub in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Cosy and productive environment full of creative people.

Kyuriosity Hub offers office space to startups
Kyuriosity Hub

Kyuriosity Hub reminds us a lot of our last year in SoundHub, Denmark. Especially:

  • Great people who manage the office space and take care of our daily needs.
  • Coupled with interesting companies on the same floor to share the ideas, help each other or just have a random chat about everything and nothing.
  • Not to mention a nicely designed space to rest your eyes and mind (as well as body if you feel like having an afternoon nap 😉 ).
Reading corner in the office
Rest, Lounge or Read

One of the best parts of the space is a big kitchen / living room that gets this amazing sunset light towards the evening. Perfect for a cup of tea to relax while helping you on live chat support.

Sunset in the kitchen
Sunset in the office

To celebrate our first week at new offices we invited everyone to a pancake party. Our engineers are just as good at making pancakes as they are with automating analog gear. In other words, they are fussy and slow but the results are amazing!

Behold, pancakes!
Pancakes party

Don't believe me?

In that case test Mixanalog with your own ears or come around for Tuesday afternoon tea&crumpets if you are in the area.

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