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Bojan Šernek

Maintenance ALERT

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We will be moving our rack of gear from the server room to a more temperature and light friendly room - our office! It will enable us to live-stream video of our gear racks. A more appropriate climate will improve the condition of the devices, extend their life and speed up maintenance.

As we're sure you can imagine this is a big project. With about 15 pieces of gear, computers, all the cabling and network this is quite a challenge. We will take mix:analog offline for that time.

This will happen on Friday, 8th November, 15:00 hour (GMT*). If you need mix:analog, you might want to use it before then. We expect to be back online by Saturday, 9th November, 21:00 hour (GMT*).

However, just to be on the safe side, please do not pre-book any sessions after Friday. There is a small chance that we will have to extend the maintenance if something goes wrong.

* you can check your local time here to be sure.

maintenance alert mix:analog is moving

For more information follow our Facebook page. We will post regular updates and live videos of this mega project "THE MOVE". 

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