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New Gear Release! Elysia Xfilter EQ! + Presets

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Available as we speak, we’ve just launched the new Elysia xfilter EQ, perfect for cleaning up instruments, vocals, and masters and making them stand out in a mix. Using true class A engineering, it’s been designed with no thought spared in the attention to detail.

Elysia Xfilter

This EQ is serious about flexibility. It offers high and low shelf bands, which can be switched into high and low cut filters with resonance, two mid-peak filters with wide and narrow Q, plus additional passive LC stages with shielded coils for a glorious top end.

With its exceptionally open sound, straight transient projection, and solid punch, the xfilter is the perfect match for the xpressor

Precision Engineering

Using an analog EQ on a stereo bus can be pretty tricky, as only a few units offer the possibility to link their two mono channels for true stereo processing.

As a result, users often have difficulty matching the L/R channel, especially if the knobs aren't stepped.

The xfilter solves this problem by using computer-selected dual and quad layer pots as well as special low tolerance caps to ensure that you get one of the most precisely matched stereo operations available.

Customized Presets

I’ve been working on some customized presets for you guys that cover various use cases, from mastering, to vocals, to different instruments. My goal when creating these presets was to try to provide a starting point that makes sense with a wide variety of versions of each instrument.

We’ve got presets for male vocals, female vocals, synths, keys, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and mastering. Give them a try!

Free To Use for a Limited Time!

We’re keeping this free for Mix: Analog Members to use for 30 days, so go check it out and try to run your music through it.

Be sure to try it out here at the link below!

Click Here

Xfilter In the Mix: Analog Rack
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