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Bojan Šernek

LA2A getting ready

Tech Gear 1 min read

This very desired stereo LA2A compressor was in the works for a while now and is finally getting ready. Just two more weeks and you will be able to use it through mixanalog.com.

The original LA2A works with a single set of opto cells in what we lovingly call the “slow" mode. Before adding automation to our LA2A, we asked engineers how the development of converters and modern production changed the usage of the LA2A. The 1950s when the LA2A started its life was a very different time from now.

Opto cells and tubes for the LA2A

Based on their knowledge we decided to add two modifications to the LA2A along with adding remote control to it:

  • another set of opto cells we call “fast" mode. You will be able to switch between slow and fast mode and see which one works better for your vocals, bass or mix.
  • changed gain staging to work better with modern tracks. The original gain staging in the 50s was built for much lower gain than we have now. This means that with a stock LA2A in modern workflows you can be forced to choose between bad gain staging practices or extreme knob positions. This will result in  undesired distortion or noise. With our change you can use a more flexible gain range with more control.

As is our Mixanalog tradition, the changes we are making stay faithful to the original sound and preserve the loved softness and roundness of the LA2A sound which we all love so much.

la2a compression gainstaging tubes