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Tierra audio joins Mixanalog

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During these extraordinary times, more and more audio professionals are finding it hard to find venues where they can explore and try audio processing equipment in a safe and affordable way. Today, TIERRA Audio, a premium ProAudio manufacturer announces its partnership with Mix:Analog online showroom service.

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TIERRA Audio products rack

The introduction of this partnership will enable artists, producers and sound engineers from all over the world to experience TIERRA Audio sound quality online in a virtual showroom. The easy to use self-serve process gives the users full control over all parameters of the gear in real time as well as the ability to upload and process their own files, effectively bringing a TIERRA Audio showroom into the studio.

Try Tierra Audio gear in your studio

For buyers looking to upgrade their studio with new equipment, TIERRA Audio showroom on Mix:Analog will provide a risk-free way to evaluate the sound, features and visual language of TIERRA Audio products, starting with the Gravity VCA Bus Compressor. The bus compressor includes a wide variety of use cases like adding punch to stereo recordings, controlling a wide dynamic range of acoustic piano or bass as well as pumping effects for electronic music.

Mixanalog control interface

Even under normal circumstances, offline demos are a liability on the environment as packaging and delivery all increase our carbon footprint. This partnership is a continuation of the spirit of the TIERRA|Green project, where TIERRA plants a tree for every product sold and is committed to reducing waste by recycling, reusing materials and building durable products.

Bojan Šernek, CEO of Distopik, the company behind Mix:Analog provided this comment on the partnership:

As soon as we met TIERRA Audio at the Musikmesse trade show, we knew we found a kindred spirit. A team that is more than capable of disrupting the industry with their fresh ideas and attention to detail. They share the same DNA of enabling more people to experience analog sound and caring for the environment.

Javier Pascual Soriano, CEO of TIERRA Audio, the manufacturer of Gravity VCA Bus Compressor had this to add:

We are very happy with this collaboration. The service from our friends at MixAnalog is a fantastic opportunity for our future customers to test our technology and for all music lovers to incorporate the sound quality of our products into their creative process. We will certainly be adding all of our products to their impressive catalogue in the coming months.

About TIERRA Audio

In June 2018, after several years of research and development, TIERRA Audio was founded in Madrid, Spain, with the firm intention of providing artists, producers and sound engineers from all over the world with ProAudio products, of premium range, and affordable price. TIERRA are in love with analog sound, its purity and its unique ability to achieve incredible mixes. They have dedicated great technical and human efforts to design and achieve a 100% analog sound with its own personality that is recognizable in each and every one of their devices. This sound is endorsed by great professionals around the world. A sound that enriches and drives productions to the highest level in the industry.

Esther and Javier, founders of TIERRA Audio

About Distopik and Mix:Analog

Originally founded as the first dedicated R&D company to focus on analog audio equipment automation, the company spent its first four years starting from 2012 perfecting a measurably invisible interface between computers and analog gear. In 2018, they launched Mix:Analog, the online showroom of analog audio equipment built on this proprietary automation technology. It can be used by anyone with a fast internet connection and aims to supplement traditional showrooms with a self-service, fully-online personalized experience. Mix:Analog has garnered over 20.000 users from over 100 countries around the world.

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