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Ziga Rezar

Video Tutorial for the VCA Compressor

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A good week ago, we started a promotion period for our Gold Can VCA compressor unit! You can use it over the internet in our mix:analog service without payment.

Our resident audio geek... khm, engineer Žiga made a video where he puts it to work on an overhead track and two stereo mixes through the compressor, to get you familiar with the unit and its sound.

Tutorial video for mix:analog Gold Can VCA

About the VCA Gold Can Compressor

Although this is inspired by a classic master bus compressor, it can be used for many different occasions and in modern genres as well. From sub-mix buses to single-source stereo channels, Gold Can's versatility allows for many different ways of dynamics control.

vca gold can compressor gentle compression
The Gold Can Compressor GUI set to gentle compression (a good starting position!)

Give it a go and prepare to possibly re-think your idea of "smack!".

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