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Precision Series Mastering EQ Tutorial

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All EQs are, generally, more or less the same... or are they...? Well, to some extent. They all boost and cut frequency regions of your audio recording, but there are still differences among mastering EQs in the level of flexibility and sonic character.

The Precision Series Mastering EQ on mix:analog is a classic, dual channel, fully parametric 5-band equalizer. Such level of control makes it as flexible as many of the software counterparts, but with a sound as of yet unmached by the digital brethren! To acquaint you with it, we made a video where our in-house engineer Žiga takes it for a spin:

Ancestry of the Mastering EQ

The design of the this lovely equalizer is an iteration on the tried and famous GML/Sontec parallel architecture. It maintains the exceptionally transparent character that is especially noticeable on the high-mid range. Many other EQs quickly start to sound nasal and unpleasant in the 3-4kHz region, but this one doesn't. I'd go as far as to say you probably haven't heard a 3.8kHz boost sound that good before!

To expand on its functionality even further, we added an internal Mid/Side encoder and decoder circuits, so it's ready for the modern mastering workflow where a lot of work is dons in this mode.

All in all, it may look like just another EQ, but the sheer class with which it performs this most basic audio processing will make you re-evaluate all the other EQs!

sontec mastering equalizer eq
A Sontec EQ. The inspiration of mastering EQs everywhere!

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