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Investigating AI in Analog Gear with Mix: Analog

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In 2022, the application of AI to music tools has reached a point of exponential evolution.

Finding its feet with the first major plugin to utilize such tools, like neutron from izotope, and moving on towards greater iterations, implementation into new utility plugins such as waves clarity VX, and reaching a place of impressively embellished refinement with widespread adaptation.

Surprisingly, there’s evidence that we can use deep learning to increase your ability to mix better with analog gear.

Turns out, it’s just as possible to utilize AI to analyze your music, and give back analog gear settings and combinations of gear that effectively mix your track, improving its sonic qualities, frequency balance, dynamic range, and quite a bit more.

If anything, it would be a completely tailored starting point that attempts to take into account the genre you’re trying to mix, the content, the number of competing stems(frequency wise), and what you’d like your track to be focused on.

That's actually fairly impressive, considering we’re the first company to investigate such complexities.

Creating a space where you could spend most of your time without needing to go back to your DAW for much while utilizing analog gear at its best, with an AI helper could really speed up your process while still getting the best analog can offer. AI isn’t what it used to be years ago. It’s a lot, lot, better.

And the best part is, we’re not approaching this without knowledge. One of our team members is also working on a massive AI project with a multi-million euro company, which means our implementation of AI could be one of the most innovative, and streamlined processes to come to analog gear as of yet.

Not only that, but we could utilize AI to help you with your production choices as well while using our service. I’m still going to be fairly quiet on that for now, but I’d like you to know we’ve done much assessment and discussion behind the veil.

Since we’re talking about AI, I’d like to share some interesting AI concepts and applications that have been popping up in the audio industry.

Acustica Audio: Cola -

Cola has decided to change the way people approach AI plugins by looking at it from the point of sampling the approach an engineer may take, instead of only categorizing it as instrument types.

This means there’s greater depth in understanding, and trying to mimic the way a certain engineer works.

Captain Chords + Bundle:

I wouldn’t say it’s completely focused on AI, but it’s a very interesting tool that allows the user to easily construct chords, then add bass that works with those specific chords(both rhythmically and structurally), then drums that work with all of that, and then melody that does the same.
It’s something I’ve been testing out a lot lately, and I’ve been finding some good uses for it, for sure.

Baby Audio TAIP:

This appears to be a plugin that models a tape machine but does so with AI. Seems fairly useful if you’re in a pinch, but of course, the real thing always seems to come out on top.

I’m looking forward to where this could potentially go, and I’m quite interested in how we can utilize AI to further your experience at mix: analog, in new and creative ways that hardware has never seen.

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