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Ziga Rezar

Tape got calibrated!

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In the last week, we got a few reports of the tape going out of spec, both level- and frequency-wise. This kind of behaviour from an old, classy girl like the Telefunken M15 is not to be tolerated!

Thus, we treated her to some spa and massage a.k.a. almost two hours of tuning the record and replay amplifiers. We managed to bring the left/right level and frequency balance well within half of a dB, which is great for a 40-year old machine!

She's in perfect shape now and ready as ever to make your kicks and snares FAT! And it does that in spades.

calibrating the Telefunken M15 tape machiune
Levels at 100Hz, 1kHz, 4kHz and 10kHz have to be carefully balanced to achieve a flat frequency response when adjusting all the EQ points on the record and replay amplifier cards.

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