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The Audio Destruction Unit

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One thing is certain - Mix:analog users love saturation! The tape machines on mix:analog, the Studer A812, and the Telefunken M15 are frequently booked and much loved. The sound they make is unique and hard or impossible to replicate with plugins. But they are also quite gentle - they can do many things but audio destruction is not one of them.

So what is this "destruction"? We wanted to expand on analog saturation as a tool and give you other, more expanded options. With tape, you are getting one sound - and it's a great and unique sound, but sometimes you want to reach further with saturation options and maybe all the way to distortion. Enter the Audio Destruction Unit (ADU for short).

distopik adu audio destruction unit
Tubes, transformers, and amazing distortion sounds all hidden in this box

We've been talking about it for months and it's finally here. It was released to our facebook community last week, bugs were fixed during the weekend and now it's up for the taking. Featuring no less than 6 saturation modes, three sensitivity (overdrive) settings, an all-tube design, and Carnhill transformer balanced inputs and outputs.

The range of tones on this box is absolutely incredible and we have paired it up with our all-analog mid/side matrix and wet/dry blend sidecar unit. With this combination, you can do parallel and mid/side distortion, a feature that is rarely seen on saturation units (or plugins) and we guarantee will yield very interesting and unique sounds!

Getting the Audio Destruction Unit

We are keeping it FREE for a few weeks so don't be shy and try it out! There will be a video tutorial out in a few days but in the meantime, here are some reactions and tips from our early users:

- I LOVE IT for bass guitar shaping. For mixes with dry/wet, it’s really interesting because you have two output gain controls, the output knob on the machine, which also controls how much the Carnhill output transformer “suffers”. 

 - I’ve tried some drums and it’s awesome to make a crushed blend.

- Had loads of fun with it the other night, with the different filters and the bias knob you can really sculpt the distortion to your liking.

audio destruction unit user interface
ADU User Interface in mix:analog

Get the ADU sounds on your tracks by visiting mix:analog.

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