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Studer A812 Tape Machine Released

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It's finally here! The Studer A812 tape machine has joined the lineup of mix:analog! Right now it costs ZERO TOKENS and will stay that way for a few days while we collect bug reports and feedback.

studer a812 tape machine photo
Studer A812 Tape Machine

Comparing A812 to the Telefunken

We already have a tape machine on mix:analog and it is one of the most used gear items there. People really like the Telefunken and many of our users know it inside and out. So why add another one?

The reason is that the tape machine is a much more modern and linear tape machine and has more options than the Telefunken. For example it supports four tape speeds and three bias settings.

We are not unlocking these options right away, but the sonic differences are easy to hear.

The level is set so that you can drive it really hard but if you want a more transparent result, use the output level knob on the mix:analog IO unit to drive the tape softer, for example at -8 or -12dB. This affects the level of our BURL D/A converters.

Studer A812 User Interface (v.2.5.1)

studer a812 user interface
Studer A812 User Interface

In version 2.5.1 released September 12th 2019 we show a user interface with the A812 head block. It displays the amount of time left on the tape and a recording indicator. It shows recording or winding (in case the machine is rewinding).

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