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UI Scaling Released!

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A lot of us don't have the 10/10 hawk-like eyesight anymore. And screens and resolutions come in all shapes and sizes - small laptops, retina laptops, non-retina laptops, 26" 4k displays mounted on the wall two meters away, phones and tablets (yes, we support those too). Making mix:analog look good on all those devices is really all about trade-offs in UI scaling.

It's no surprise that the UI size question, a.k.a. "Can I make it bigger somehow?", was raised quite often. Not everyone can be happy with the defaults we chose.

So instead of trying to please you all, we listened, and here is the result! We added a UI adjust setting that will enable you to scale the gear size to larger or smaller than the default.

This is how to access it from the "live view" where you see the gear and tweak it:

  • Click the cog icon so that the settings dialog pops up
  • Adjust the UI settings, the gear will scale immediately on change
  • Click Close and continue with your work
settings ui scaling dialog mixanalog
Click the cog icon to access settings and change the UI scale from the drop down in it

UI Scaling Video

UI Scaling Demo Video on YouTube

Happy knob-twiddling and see you on mix:analog!

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