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Bojan Šernek

Timing is Everything

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Most digital devices around us keep timing information. Clocks and watches obviously, but also phones and computers. When mix:analog is running in your computer or tablet, it asks the device for a critical piece of information: what it believes is the coordinated universal time (UTC).

The device will produce this time usually based on two factors: the local time and the timezone offset information including daylight saving time for your timezone if any. If any of these settings are not correct, mix:analog will receive wrong information about the time and some features, namely booking and session activation will not work correctly.

Is my timing setup working correctly?

Mix:analog will make a check whenever you visit it to compare the browser's view of UTC time with our server's view. If it differs by more than 30 seconds, you will receive a warning.

You can also check by visiting this link and checking the last information "Difference between server and PC time". Because both the server and the browser are using UTC time, it doesn't matter what timezone you are in, the difference should always be just a few seconds.

no timing difference
Even though my computer is not in the same time zone (-1 vs -6) the UTC time difference is just 1 second

How to fix if that is not the case?

If you are experiencing a larger number than just a few seconds in the test above, or in the mix:analog warning dialog, you should adjust the timezone and clock settings on your computer so that the browser can calculate correct UTC time.

On Apple macOS

Here is a handy video to fix timing errors on Apple macOS

On Microsoft Windows

And another handy window for fixing timing errors on Microsoft Windows 10