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Ziga Rezar

Studer A812 Tutorial

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A few days ago we released the new addition to the mixanalog lineup - a beautiful Studer A812 1/4" stereo tape machine from the 90s.

The levels for interfacing with it are set a bit differently than on the rest of the mixanalog platform. To explain that and to help you get the best sound possible, Žiga made a short video:

... and if you still have trouble getting good results with it or have other questions, please join the discussion at our Discord channel or contact us directly.

There are also other benefits to joining our Discord - we frequently post coupons and offer free tokens for testing out gear. You can chat directly with the team and suggest features, report bugs, and ask any question you like.

Studer A812 Photo

studer a812 mk1 tape machine
Studer A812 Mk1 tape machine at mix:analog

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