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Ziga Rezar

RACK1 got factory presets!

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Most all plugins, but not many pieces of hardware come with presets. And that's not fair.

Team Mixanalog to the rescue!

mixanalog Rack1 recall presets menu

We turned our attention to Rack1 first, as it's our biggest and most complex product. To save you time or to provide a new idea in a different direction, we included a set of starting points in the Recall menu. Their [primary intention] is noted in the name, but feel free to try anyone on anything - no rules here :)

Levels and Presets

Before you head straight to the app to try them all, a word on levels. The presets were tested on a couple of raw mixes and performed as expected, but we all mix at different levels, so the compressor and limiter might not be in the same spot for everyone.

For the best experience, use the OUTPUT LEVEL knob on the IO unit to get the GR meter on the GoldCan VCA gently moving (2-3dB of gain reduction), and then adjust to taste from there.

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