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Mix:Analog Weekly Webinar

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Mix:analog is already a product with many features and options, some of which require a bit of skill and patience to get the best results. While the team is more than ready to meet and chat with you in the integrated chat box, we wanted to offer you something more organized and communal - a weekly webinar.

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From now on, we will try to organize a weekly webinar for people to get to know mix:analog, find out more about the team and get access to unique tips and tricks every week!

When is it the Webinar happening?

Right now we plan for the webinars are going to go live every wednesday at 15:00 (that's 3PM) central european time. We'll adjust the time as necessary if it turns out another time is better.

Webinar Time (and date for the first one) in a few time zones around the world

Where is the Webinar happening?

It's happening on our YouTube channel! We are going to stream there, give you an online demo of mix:analog and answer any questions that you will be posting into the real-time chat. They can be technical or business questions, feel free to ask anything.

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Do I need to Sign up?

No, you don't need to sign up either to mix:analog or the webinar itself - but just so that you don't forget, we made a mailing list to remind you 10 minutes before the event takes place. You can sign up here:

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