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Bojan Šernek

Meet the team behind mix:analog

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The most important ingredient to a successful startup is a great team. To bring about real change, a startup needs people who are passionate, experts in their field and team players who can put the needs of our customers above everything else.

That's a real challenge, but eventually the right 5 people came together: passionate about sound quality, knowledgeable about music production and like members of a band - know how to listen to each other and our fans.

Are you ready to meet us? Here we go..

Bojan Šernek, Founder, Software

bojan šernek founder drummer community builder
Full stack developer, drummer and community builder

Our software and creative genius. Bojan comes from a family of musicians and started his own recording studio over 10 years ago. This is also when he started investigating the history and construction of analog gear, mainly through his online mentor Jakob Erland of Gyraf Audio.

Bojan's day job for the past 20 years was in the software business, where he developed an award-winning algorithm for high-resolution real-time streaming of satellite images and led software and hardware development of the first outdoor television screen to survive both the Sahara desert and Arctic cold.

These projects gave Bojan skills to develop state of the art streaming software for mix:analog that works all over the world in lossless quality while keeping the analog hardware units maintained and ready for action around the clock.

At Distopik Bojan is responsible for innovation, audio processing technology, customer support and running the business side of things.

Elvis Špehar, Electronics

elvis špehar electronics engineer hardware maintenance expert
Electronics engineer, Hardware maintenance expert

Elvis grew up in engineering family and repaired over 1000 devices since childhood. His lifelong passion is electronics engineering. He has been making, repairing and modifying circuits since childhood.

As a part of his university thesis, Elvis developed a digitally controlled analog equalizer whose precision rivals dedicated digital mastering software. You can find this gear in the Precision series on mix:analog and it has been accepted very well by the community, receiving rave reviews about the smoothness of the high shelf and flexibility of the midrange.

He also developed our soon to be released 24-channel summing mixer, tube saturator unit, a passive relay based signal router that is balanced throughout, a tube curve tracer and tester and many other audio and automation circuits.

Responsible for analysis of analog audio circuits, design and assembly of remote control circuits and integration of 3rd party products into the platform and takes care of maintenance of most of mix:analog gear fleet. Passionate guitarist and avid blues fan.

Žiga Rezar, Audio, Firmware

žiga rezar audio expert firmware engineer
Audio Expert, Firmware Engineer

Žiga is a professional audio engineer and musician with a very long list of credits to his name he has acquired in the past 12 years of working with audio productions. He is active in many diverse genres such as rock, ethnic and RnB and has become an expert at shaping the tone of his productions to various time periods and tastes of his clients.

Žiga co-owns a very successful recording and mixing studio Penrose Recordings where he is responsible for most of the post production work like mixing and mastering and more complex tracking projects.

At Distopik he is responsible for audio quality evaluation of automation solutions and workflow features of mix:analog software. He also handles partnerships with established audio manufacturers, retailers, studios and creates content like video tutorials and blog posts and writes the firmware code for most of our custom automation.

Martin Hribar, Software, Administration

martin hribar software engineer it administrator devops
Software Engineer, IT Administrator, DevOps

A self-taught expert in software engineering, Martin has been involved with a lot of high profile interactive art installation projects in the past 10 years. He is most known for his association with the artist JR and digital furniture makers 507 where he developed multimedia software and hardware solutions in a very small team with aggressive deadlines.

His work includes interactive "motion art" where the observer is an active participant captured through cameras and depth sensors, interacting with virtual reality or physical objects like model train circuits, a cargo ship and other crazy industry inspired installations.

With over 10 years of experience in programming, IT administration and DevOps, Martin is responsible for Distopik private cloud infrastructure and connecting the audio gear into the cloud so that our users can access them remotely.

Gabrijela Hladnik, Founder, Team Ops

gabrijela hladnik team ops
Founder, Finance / Accounting expert, Operations

If there was a "purposeful thinking" competition, we would send Gabrijela and expect her to win against anyone, hands down. Her university degree is in mathematics and formal logic, which already tells you a lot about her approach to discipline and hard work.

A long time music enthusiast Gabrijela started out with classical music accordion when she was little, but nowadays you can find her singing and playing pop songs on guitar and piano in her free time.

Trying out a lot of hats over the years, her passion for order found an outlet in software quality assurance and user experience design. Gabrijela is a recognised expert, talking at conferences and working in leadership positions over the last 10 years. When not busy with detective work on software, Gabrijela is involved with pro bono work for multiple non-profit organisations.

At Distopik, she is responsible for the quality of the product and all day to day operations like organising work and team tasks, making sure everyone is working to their best abilities and has something to do that will make our users happy.

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