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Ziga Rezar

Bounce Queue is back!

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Bounce queue was actually already implemented in mix:analog some time ago, but because it was seldom used and buggy we decided to remove it -all in the spirit of de-cluttering the interface, to make our application easier to use and faster to navigate.

But in the last few weeks, we got a number of requests from you, our users, to bring it back. And so we did! ...and thrown in a few improvements as well, because we really don't want to repeat our mistakes!

So, this is how the new Bounce Queue looks and works:

1. Open the Bounces dialogue by pressing the button in the lower-right corner of the app. Name your bounce and either bounce it immediately (BOUNCE NOW!) or add it to the bounce queue (ADD TO QUEUE).

mix:analog new Bounces dialogue
The Bounces dialogue has a new option - add bounce to queue.

2. If you chose to add it to the queue, another button will appear in the lower-right corner, displaying the number of enqueued bounces:

Additional button appears next to the BOUNCE button when you add a bounce to the queue.

3. Open the Bounce Queue by pressing that button, and from there you can either delete bounces that you do not intend to render anymore, or initiate the render of the entire queue:

mix:analog Bounce Queue window
Bounce Queue window

And that's it! Simple and usefull. And just a friendly reminder - a few enqueued bounces of a whole songs' length can take up quite a long time to finish. Keep an eye on your session clock in the top right corner, to ensure all of them can complete before your reservation runs out.

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