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Today, We're bringing our blog to life!

Good news, everyone!

Time has come for us to step up our game: tech-wise, business-wise and most importantly...


Here, you'll be able to check the latest news on mix:analog, guides on how to use the gear we're hosting and take a look behind the scenes.

In addition to that, we'll let you in on some tips and tricks, that you'll find handy when working on your own projects.

Photo of the team working on mix:analog and the blog.
The team behind mix:analog and this blog (left to right: Rok Kroflič, Elvis Špehar, Žiga Rezar & Bojan Šernek).

If you'd like us to address a specific question/topic in a blog post, write us an email starting the subject title with "BLOG REQUEST:" and we'll do our best to answer you.

You can expect one or two new articles every week.

While the content will be mainly aimed at semi-professionals, we'll try to keep it interesting for everyone.

Main topics will be audio mastering and analog hardware.

We wish you all the best on your journeys as audio engineers!