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Progress report: visual & workflow redesign

As you might already know, we teamed up with Tak kolektiv to redesign our landing page and the application.

We'd like to fill you all in on the progress.

If you've been a frequent user of our service by August 2018, you might have been contacted by Tak and asked to participate in a survey.

Thanks a lot for sharing your needs, opinions and ideas!

What's going on?

Your input has been really helpful to the creative process.

First, we thought we'd only be redesigning the visuals, but your feedback made it obvious that the user-experience requires significant updates as well.

Turns out Janžej (green shirt) from Tak is also a musician and a hobby audio engineer, which made them perfect for the job!

They've been testing the app, brainstorming, seeking inspiration in well known DAWs, came up with great concept and presented it to us a few days ago.

We can't show you the details, but can give you a hint ;)

Here's a photo from the last week's meeting:

Pssst...there's more than just page redesign hints in this image ;)
Pssst...there's more than just page redesign hints in this image ;)

What to expect from the redesign?

The most important goal we're aiming to achieve is making the user-experience as friendly and intuitive as possible.

The new design will streamline the workflow, set foundations for many upcoming features and provide a better overview of the app's environment.

A new landing page is also being designed, to make it easier for new-comers to understand mix:analog's unique approach to analog audio processing.

We're very excited and hope that Tak kolektiv let us show you something more soon!

Thank you for the support everyone!