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Pricing system change: Pay-per-use system

Back in August 2018, we announced on our Facebook page that we'll be changing the pricing system from the Pay-per-bounce to a Pay-per-use system.

In this blog post, we'll explain everything you need to know about it.

The pricing system will irrevocably change on Tuesday, September 25th 2018.

The Pay-per-use pricing system

Instead of Download Credits, we are introducing mix:analog tokens (MATs).

One (1) MAT will cost €0.07 before discounts.

MATs will initially be available in packs of 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400 and 4800 MAT.

You'll be spending MATs on session time (in minutes) instead of downloads.

The 60-minute price table of the new pay-per-use pricing system.
The 60-minute price table of the new pay-per-use pricing system.

Certain pieces of analog gear require much less maintenance effort or are cheaper to buy and/or assemble than others. This is why we decided to optimize the pricing system further by making low-maintenance gear cost less MATs per minute than sessions with high-maintenance gear.

To make it as easy as possible for you to calculate all the different scenarios, there will be a price calculator built-in into the pricing section of our website.

The transition

All changes will take effect on Tuesday, 25th of September 2018.

Download Credits will be converted into MATs like this:

  • Credits that you've received for free as sign-up, feedback or other rewards, will be converted into 300 MATs each.
  • Credits that you've bought (but not spent) will convert into 600 MATs each.
The conversion of the free & the paid-for credits.
The conversion of the free & the paid-for credits.

We'll also be rewarding everyone for signing up at this early stage of mix:analog with extra 300 MATs.

Canceling session and refunding of MATs

We are introducing a refund mechanism that triggers when you cancel a session.

MATs are refunded automatically:

  • full refund, if you cancel a session that starts later than in 2 hours;
  • full refund, if you cancel a session less than one minute after you clicked to book it (you miss-clicked/made an error);
  • half refund, if you 'Close early' a session than is less than 1/2 through.

There will be a special button to 'Close early'- accidentally closing the browser window/tab won't trigger this feature.

Clicking the 'Close early' button or canceling a session that hasn't started yet, will trigger the refund mechanism.
Spend your MATs wisely.

Benefits of the new system

The Pay-per-use system meters the use of the service and charges all users by the time they actually spend occupying the hardware.

Free to try

When you sign up, you will receive 300 MATs for free (equal to 30 minutes of Rack1) and will be able to spend them on any signal chain you want, whenever you feel like it.

You'll receive a small pack of free MATs on every major update/release and will always be able to check what's new.

Free trials are here to stay.
Free trials are here to stay.

Free to leave

We understand that working in audio production often means working project by project.

The Pay-per-use system will let you purchase as much session-time (MATs) as you actually need to complete a project.

Unspent MATs will stay in your mix:analog wallet and won't have an expiration date.

Free Bouncing & Exploit Prevention

The paywall will be removed from the Bounce feature - everyone will be able to get the full experience with the free trial.

This will protects us from exploits like system output audio recording and will help us stay around longer and bring more gear online for you to mix and master with.

No hogging

The limited free trial will ensure that noone can hog a piece of gear hours long for free, while you've got a job to do.


With the new Pay-per-use pricing system we are setting a solid foundation for a sustainable business model that will allow mix:analog to grow into a useful and friendly, online analog gear provider and distribution service.

The changes will take effect on Tuesday, 25th of September 2018.

If you've got any questions about the new pricing, simply mail us at info@mixanalog.com or use the live-chat on our website!