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How to control analog gear remotely

As a young engineers with an affection for analog gear, we weren't afraid of failing.

It's the only logical path to success.

Are you familiar with the quote: "if you can imagine it, it's possible"?

Well, it's true!

At Distopik Ltd., we've been researching transparent solutions to make analog gear digitally controllable for – quite literally – years.

We've experimented with countless components and approached the problem from various angles, completely drained our R&D budget...

...and we made it work!

Look inside this 1176 and see how what makes it remotely controllable!

Why do it?

A man once said that "it's because the challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win."

We believed it was possible and knew that the benefits of this technology would be immense:

  • no more leaning out of the sweet spot,
  • instant settings save/recall,
  • precise automatization,
  • interconnectivity...

The future of analog gear

Analog gear as trash on the sidewalk.
Yes, this happened.

The world is evolving.

We've reached the digital age years ago and our lives are spinning faster every day.

High-profile engineers like Andrew Scheps are terrified of taking down mixes on their consoles, knowing they will have to put them back up.

They are leaving their gear behind to mix in-the-box, even though the OOTB approach was more fun.

This is just the way record making is these.

If analog gear is to survive this era, it'll have to adapt.