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Changelog (October 2018)

Last 30 days were quite impressive!

  1. Pay-per-use pricing system implemented.
  2. Distopik Precision Series VCA Compressor is online.
  3. Telefunken M15 is online.
  4. Distopik Precision Series Brickwall Limiter is online.
  5. VCA Compressor's release times corrected.
  6. GR and IO Unit meters updated to react faster.
  7. Session SETTINGS tab updated, functionalities added.
  8. Session Title can now be set in the Book Session dialog.
  9. Logout now works as intended.
  10. Uploads can now be canceled.
  11. Bouncing can now be canceled.
  12. Bounce tab has been improved.
  13. Telefunken M15 status lights no indicate tape machine status.
  14. Telefunken M15 tape length/end indication now counts down to zero.
  15. Server stability improvements.
  16. Application stability improvements.
  17. A handful of minor bug fixes.