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Changelog (September 2018)

Yep, we'll also be posting changelogs here ;)

  1. Booking adjacent sessions will merge them (same as extending). You won't get kicked out in between anymore.
  2. Old session can now be continued from the settings they were left at. Click the "Continue" button in the "Sessions" tab.
  3. Download processing tab doesn't falsely alert you about not having enough time to make a download anymore.
  4. The ugly error page is gone, hello beautiful Sentry popup.
  5. Click-to-seek waveform is now stable and works almost flawlessly.
  6. Pressing "space" now correctly starts/stop playback.
  7. The M/S switch of the FC670 is now easier to toggle.
  8. Waveform display is not showing noise during silent portions of files anymore.
  9. Playback stability has been significantly increased (check your network settings and speed if you still have problems).
  10. Distopik PS-MEQ's HF slope setting now gets saved & recalled as intended.
  11. Playback playhead doesn't disappear in rare cases anymore.
  12. Current session alert should now always display the right message.
  13. You are now alerted when you get kicked out of sessions because of running out of session-time.
  14. Distopik Analog Volume Controls graphics are now correctly darkened when bypassed.
  15. Distopik EQP-1A's low frequency selector an attenuation selector are now easy to control.
  16. Upload button has been added to the settings page in the Live mode.
  17. Top-left meters now display RMS and Peak metering and have labels.
  18. AdBlock doesn't block the download anymore.
  19. Downloaded files can't be cut short anymore.
  20. All gear is not set to unity gain by default.
  21. "Extend time" button doesn't crash the app anymore.
  22. Switching track slots doesn't crash the app in rare cases anymore.
  23. All uploaded files should now be correctly playable in the media library.